Björk - army of me - Björk - Army of Me (Sucker Punch Remix) [From Sucker.

Ahead of her new 'Tinder album', we're looking back at the hits that preceded new cuts The Gate and Blissing You, to see which of Bjork's songs is Number 1 when sales and streams are combined.

Atypical in its relative starkness and darkness, "Army of Me" casts Björk against type as a warrior goddess fed up with whining, instead of her usual cyber-pixie persona. The first single from 1995's otherwise buoyant Post and a featured track on the Tank Girl soundtrack, the song's pounding industrial beat, menacing synth bass, and unusually aggressive lyrics ("And if you complain once more/You'll meet an army of me") stand in sharp contrast to the rest of the album and to most of her previous work. However, "Army of Me" seems like a precursor of the dark, introspective tone and sparse electronica arrangements of Björk's next album, 1997's Homogenic. The song was also turned into another video collaboration between Björk and her longtime director, Michael Gondry. The clip depicts Björk as a tank girl of sorts who goes to the dentist (which happens to be a gorilla) to have a sore tooth pulled -- only to have it turn into a giant diamond, which she uses to fuel her tank. Like the song, it all makes sense in Björk's surreal, intellectually playful way.

Björk - Army Of MeBjörk - Army Of MeBjörk - Army Of MeBjörk - Army Of Me