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Deep house for the open minds. One love, Chan


  • 1 Strange Star (Original Mix) by  Anton Lanski
  • 2 Interfaced (Nacho Riveros Remix) by  Kurt Baggaley
  • 3 Wanna To Fly (Original Mix) by  Axel Fowley
  • 4 Make One In My Dreams (Harley & Muscle Ciao & Jan Deep Mix) by  Feat., Fifi, Exte C
  • 5 All You Got To Do (Original Mix) by  Lesamoor, Fat Groovyz Band
  • 6 Office Stars (Original Mix) by  Leandro Silva
  • 7 Loto (Original Mix) by  Clownfish
  • 8 Maze (Original Mix) by  Max Hawkins
  • 9 Do (Original Mix) by  Dop Q
  • 10 Take Control (Original Mix) by  Simple DJ
  • 11 For a Lifetime (Original Mix) by  Mikael Delta
  • 12 Feel It (Original Mix) by  Ivan Fly Corapi